Since 1978

Significant Projects With Great Speed and Efficiency


AKER CONSTRUCTION INC. was founded by Zülküf Aker (B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering) in 1978 in Ankara. Over the years, AKER INC. established itself as one of the prominent contractors of Turkey.
Mostly employed by state institutions, AKER INC. completed significant projects with great speed, efficiency and distinction throughout the whole country.

Our International Certification

AKER INC has brought together 6 companies (AKERSAN INC, AKERTRON INC, AKERTES INC, AKERTUR INC, ) into a unified group extending its field of activity into all aspects of construction industry, tourism and international trade. The company is currently planning to enter into the field of export oriented industrial manufacturing.

AKER INC is also holder of NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION (NATO) SECURITY DOCUMENT which enables the company to bid for NATO contracts in Turkey.

  • The Presidency of Turkey,
  • The Ministry of Public Works,
  • The Ministry of Labour and Social Security,
  • The Ministry of Education,
  • The Governorships of Ankara, Kütahya, Afyon, Aksaray,
  • Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and numerous other state organisations are among our employers.

Diverse Range of the Projects Completed

  • Ministries’ Main Buildings,
  • Public Buildings,
  • Hospitals, Schools,
  • Cultural Centres,
  • Shopping Malls,
  • Drinking and Waste Water Purification Plants,
  • Bridges, Junctions,
  • Apartment Flats and Restoration Projects are successfully completed.

Most of these projects were brought to life even before due time and AKER INC. was awarded and commended by its employers for efficiency, distinctive quality of the work, punctuality and perfectionism.

One of the outstanding contractors of Turkey, AKER INC employs great experience and is fully equipped with construction machinery of great scale.